accessnolly programs

an direct

We Direct/Launch your career

AN Direct is a direct to Nollywood Workshop designed to prepare and launch both old and fresh actors into the Nollywood film industry. It is a 2 week intensive workshop that guarantees one an acting opportunity upon completion

  • Every Participant is guaranteed a role in at least two movie slots upon completion

an assist

We assist your career

AN Assist is a six (6) months assist program for those seeking a continuous job flow in the industry. We guarantee a sustainable position through outsourcing, recommendation and referencing participants through our network of filmmakers

  • Every Participant is to feature in at least two (2) Movies per month for a period of six (6) Months upon successful completion of AN Direct Program

an power

We Empower You

AN Power is a two (2) pack master program for those who wants to develop a skill set for better mastery. After the 3 months intensive training per pack, one becomes a master in the art either as a Director or a Post production specialist

  • PACK 1 - Art Directing | Tech Directing | Art Directing
  • PACK 2 - Editing | Sound/Foley | Color /Grade